Eric Pickersgill, Removed


Earlier this week I went to see Removed, a photography project by UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student Eric Pickersgill.

The subjects of Eric’s photos are staring intently into their empty hands. Eric observed people using personal devices and recreated these moments after removing their personal devices.

He hoped to learn more about people’s interactions with their personal devices and people’s interactions with other people. His project was a means of digging into questions about how technology affects our interactions.

Eric Pickersgill, Removed

“It is undeniable that society and relationships are changing because of technology,” says Eric in his project documentary.”And whether or not all of those changes are good or bad, I have faith that people will continue to engage in questioning the changes that society is experiencing.”

While reading more about Eric’s project, I appreciated his emphasis on questioning. He did not argue that the way we use personal devices today is only harmful or only helpful. Technology can cripple relationships, but it can also be used as a tool to initiate, strengthen and prolong them. It’s similar to what I was getting at in my earlier blog of personal observations.

This class has created more questions than it’s answered, and that’s useful. So was seeing an artist’s perspective.

See more of Removed here:

Also this: “If ‘Friends’ Were Made Today, It’d Be Just A Bunch Of People Looking At Their Phones”


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