I’ve been bothered by how not bothered I am by the portrayal of women in media, and our class discussions have left me with a lot to think about. One thing that I can definitively say is that, like Morgan, I’m uncomfortable with Fifty Shades of Grey. And we’re not alone.

On Feb. 26, the grassroots campaign #50DollarsNot50Shades launched on Facebook, encouraging donations of $50 to domestic violence support agencies in place of buying movie tickets. The series, they claim, glamorizes sexual violence.


Although this Valentine’s Day release has the potential to reach huge audiences, opposing messages also have a chance to be heard through social media. Those who see this movie as a loss for women, those who are fighting domestic abuse, have an opportunity to speak out. They can attempt to gain supporters for their cause, a cause which is now more newsworthy because of the popularity and subject matter (of domestic violence specifically, in light of recent NFL controversy) of the series.

I’m not suggesting that everything is made right because social media contributes to a more vibrant marketplace of ideas, but that I admire those who are using something that they think is bad and are trying to use it for good. I don’t watch TV and haven’t read the books, so social media and friends have been my only sources on the content and messages of the film. On my own feed, their voices have been louder than those of the film proponents, and have shaped at least my personal stance.


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