The branding of biscuits

I’ve eaten my fair share of Biscuitville biscuits. That’s Biscuitville, not Bojangles. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good cajun filet every now and then, but eating at Biscuitville feels more…personal.

I have memories of going with my grandparents, who brought their own garden tomatoes and peeled them at the booth so that they wouldn’t have to pay for them. I remember going in and seeing biscuitvillefamily members working there. It was the fast food run of choice during high school free periods. And the best Biscuitville, the Church Street octagon(ish) Biscuitville, remains the site of reunions with high school friends.

Still, it took a lot of messages from Biscuitville to catch my attention.

Last year an updated billboard on the interstate caught my eye. New branding. I liked it. But I didn’t give it a second thought, and it certainly didn’t make me want to buy a biscuit any more than usual.

I heard that they launched a lunch menu, and I’ve been asking people from time to time if they’ve been bold enough to try it. That made me a little curious but also didn’t make me want Biscuitville more.

Last week when my friend drove back to school from Burlington with a huge, yellow pimento cheese coaster (which we laughed at), and then I came home to an equally large blue eggs coaster on my parent’s coffee table. This was the first time I looked it up. I followed Biscuitville on Twitter and Instagram to get a sense of bvlwhat it’s going for.

Biscuitville is indeed in the process of a makover. Two stores in particular are testing out the new look that goes along with a renewed emphasis on freshness and southern hospitality.

bvl instaAll of this background goes to say that it took a lot of time,  messages and a creative PR move (the coaster collection contest) to grab my attention – even for a brand that I had existing loyalty to and as a J-school student who takes notice of branding efforts. A bombardment of messages, from different directions is sometimes necessary to spark curiosity. Visibility is important, and social media is a good way to increase awareness at a low cost.

As for brand loyalty, I think social media plays an important role. Followers are reminded of the brand frequently, are up to date on current messages and offers and feel more connected when they are given the chance to participate.


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