Rory for a day

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI’m writing to you from the sweetest bed and breakfast that I’ve ever seen. Admittedly, also the only bed and breakfast I’ve ever seen. But there are all sorts of nooks and wood and fireplaces and croissant french toast and porch swings and coffee and, come on, it’s pink. I am in Starshollow (please don’t tell me otherwise).

Part of the quaintness of being here in the library is all of the print. Books, magazines and newspapers all around, including today’s copy of the New York Times. Although I’m ashamed to admit it, today is the first day that I’ve ever read the print version of the Times.

I just think it’s so telling that I think of a print paper as something quaint. Not outdated, or unnecessary, but quaint. People pay for quaint, right? Right?


I don’t pay for the Times in print because I can read a good bit of it online for free. Then when I hit the paywall, I just go to a different online source. I also get a good bit of my news on-the-go, in circumstances in which I wouldn’t have time to whip out the old hold and fold.yaledaily

Having held the Times today, and discussed the future of digital in class, I believe that print has a little more to say for itself than “quaint.”

Today’s coverage of the Germanwings tragedy answered more questions than I knew I had. Three and a half full pages in print were thorough and engaging, while the online coverage provided its own unique graphics, images and stories.

So for today, I see the opportunity for digital and print to exist as complements of one another, not competitors. For today, I am Rory Gilmore and I want to write for the New York Times. Check back with me when I return to the Hill.


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