Keeping up with the Walter Scott story

Thoughts on how I’ve kept up with the Walter Scott story & who’s helped me out.

1. CNN app notification

A notification on my iPhone was the first I heard of the shooting. I opened it in hopes of seeing more on the CNN app, but I guess there wasn’t much to report yet.

Here I saw a bit of the process of disseminating breaking news in the digital era. I got it fast, but only a blurb. Penny Abernathy mentioned this in class the other day.

One thing that I would say to CNN – don’t send me so many notifications. I’ve stopped believing that your breaking news matters. This matters. (Admittedly I should check my settings before I say too much.)

2. CNN homepage

I keep CNN set as my Google Chrome home in an attempt to keep up with breaking news. The shooting video and story were the headline this morning. The video of Scott’s death was filmed on a cell phone by a bystander.

A cell phone

3. Twitter


4. PeriscopeIMG_9583

I watched a live stream of a vigil taking place in Charleston tonight.

This was the second time that I’ve used Periscope, and the first time that I’ve gotten news from it. I think the app will be a useful way for me to follow the story, especially if I see a tweet that alerts me to particularly interesting happenings. Twitter recently bought Periscope – makes more sense now.

5. CNN homepage

Then I was back to CNN online to get more information. I watched another video and skimmed another article.

Although my information is being supplemented by nontraditional news sources, I’m still getting direction from and being directed to something tried and true. Most of the known facts can be read and viewed in one place. I trust CNN’s coverage (and I need it because I can’t stay glued to my iPhone), but it’s still pretty exciting to have access to live content from regular people with smart phones. 


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