5 Things that are the absolute worst about blogging (Part II)

As I said before, blogging is the worst. But it also has a bright side. Sometimes, blogging ain’t half bad. For those of you who appreciated Part I for its honesty, rest assured that this is equally as honest.

5 Things that aren’t that terrible about blogging

1. Anyone and everyone can read what I say.


Most will be indifferent and a couple might hate it. But maybe someone out there will be interested and you’ll make a cool connection. Or maybe NiemanLab will link back to you because you’re a college kid and you said something about something. And that will encourage you to try and say something better next time.

2. My friends can read what I say.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHaving to blog for class was a great excuse to get me started. Although I had considered blogging for a while, I didn’t want to come across as, “Hey, look at me, I have important things to say. And you should take time out of your busy day to read it and let it clutter up your Facebook feed.”

But my reasons for not blogging were just as arrogant and assuming. I assumed that people spent enough time thinking about my social media activity to judge meyou_have_a_blog for having a blog. When I see a blog post on my Facebook or Twitter feed, I  simply scroll past it if I’m not interested, and skim it if I wish. No second thoughts and definitely no judgment.

Plus if your friends make fun of you (and if they don’t), you can embarrass them on your blog.

3. I can write locally & personally.168665

Even though my class aims to blog about current issues in mass communication, I can take those bigger, impersonal issues and predictions and talk about what they look like in my life. If I want to write about the future of watching sports, I can write about my Heels and talk about how my friends keep up with sports.

This is much more fun for me, and hopefully makes me more relatable as a writer.

4. It’s way better than writing papers.

You can’t put GIFs in papers. Or say “ain’t.”

5. It gives you more wiggle room than social media.

I’ve stopped sharing pictures on Facebook. I never update my status. My tweets lean toward the professional end of the spectrum. It’s annoying to Instagram too frequently, and so on…I don’t share that much of my life online anymore.

It’s not necessarily because I don’t want to, but because I’m not a huge fan of the ways that I used to share (or I think I’m too cool).

In a blog post, I can display content more creatively and with more detail. I can tell a better story. I can weave time experiences and events together and bring out a theme. And, all I have to do is share a single thing, a link, on social media. Then those who are interested can take a look without being bombarded.

168438I am happy to say that this is my last mandated blog post, so of course the truest test of whether or not I like blogging will be whether or not I continue it. We shall see. 

Love, Amber


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